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Wire Feather Cat Toys Wine Whiskers
Wire Feather Cat Toys Wine Whiskers

Wire Feather Cat Toys

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Our feather cat tease toy is designed to offer you an attractive tease toy that comes with an arrangement of beautiful feathers. The toy will help you manage the feather using the large stick as you watch your cat jump around and follow the feathers in hopes to catch it.

A fun way to keep your cat or cats attracted, as it's the perfect way to keep them amused and playing around at the same time. So you can have fun with all your cats, and make sure none of them are getting neglected. Or you are missing out on the daily active and fun play time.

With our cat feather tease toy stick you can have a fun playtime with your cat that keeps them attractive and active for hours to come. The toy is designed to ensure that your cat is not slacking around all day putting on unnecessary weight that is unhealthy for them. Giving them fun and active lifestyle will keep them happy and healthy for years to come. So they can enjoy their life to its fullest and in a completely healthy aspect.

Moreover, our feather cat tease toy is manufactured using premium grade materials that offer a reliable playing toy that you and your pets to enjoy. So when in doubt you can bring out the tease toy and turn the table on your cat for a change.

- Feather Size: 15cm
- Rope Length: 60cm
- Material: Plastic & Feather