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Weasel Rolling Motor Ball Toy For Cat Wine Whiskers
Weasel Rolling Motor Ball Toy For Cat Wine Whiskers

Weasel Rolling Motor Ball Toy For Cat

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Our rolling motor ball weasel toy features a fun motor rolling ball that comes with a soft weasel attached to it. When the motor ball starts to roll around it will automatically create a cat chasing game that your cat will just love.

The toy is designed to keep your cats interested and to help keep their hunting instinct sharp. You are allowing them to use their critical thinking and get to the weasel before it rolls out of their grasp. They are making fun and entertaining game that will keep you and your cat occupied for a fun playing hour.

Keeping your cat active is a healthy aspect that most owners must keep in mind. As only with an active lifestyle will they be able to ensure a long and healthy life for their cat. Which is why your cat needs toys that are not only attractive but also fun to play with together. Find a toy that keeps them active and mentally challenged. Making them chase the roller ball and weasel is a fun way to keep up with an activity indoors. So you can enjoy a great time at any hour of the day.

The motor rolling ball weasel is crafted using attractive colors and completely safe and reliable materials. These help ensure that you are giving your cat a toy that provides a healthy touch — keeping them safe and healthy for years to come.

- Ball Diameter: 8cm
- Tail Length: 21cm
- Shape: Weasel