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Newest LED Laser Creative Cat Toys Wine Whiskers
Newest LED Laser Creative Cat Toys Wine Whiskers

Newest LED Laser Creative Cat Toys

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Our LED mouse laser light features a sleek pen-like design that holds a powerful and alluring laser image for your cats. The second you press the button and aim your cat will see a mouse shadow and leap in the direction.

This LED laser light showcases the perfect shadow of the mouse that will take your cat by surprise. Cats have a natural hunting instinct that kicks in as soon as they see a mouse, pushing them in their direction so that they can catch them. Little do they know that the mouse shadow is just you playing around with them. A compact toy that can be used to boost your cats physical and mental abilities.

Moreover, the LED mouse laser light offers a sharp and striking laser mouse shadow that shows perfectly even when the lights are turned on. Creating a fun and active game that both you and your cat can enjoy. By keeping your cat active, you will be able to ensure excellent health in the coming years. The perfect way to poke a reaction out of your cat is by using a mouse to lure them.

This laser light pen is powered using replaceable batteries and offers a striking mouse view each time you hit the button. So no matter where you are, you will be able to play with your cat.

- Material: Aluminium
- Power: Battery
- Type: Laser Light Pen