Mouse Cat Toys

The game of cat and mouse is a classic one, inspired by the classic prey and predator relationship between the two animals for which the game is named. Because cats have a natural hunting instinct, they are naturally prone to chasing the little mice around fields and houses, taking pleasure in the chase as much as they take in the hunt. If you want to appeal to your kitty's natural hunting instincts without having to involve any actual living creatures, one of the best ways to do that is with little mouse toys. Mouse toys come in a variety of different styles and shapes, each designed to engage your kitty in different ways, and all of them can be found right here in one convenient place. You can choose from classic mouse toys that are small, furry and designed to look like real mice for them to bat around and chase or opt for bug-style toys that are every bit as fun for them to pursue. For even more fun, some toys attach the mice to springs so that they can bat at the toy and have it return to them automatically, giving them hours of play by themselves whenever they feel like it. Balls that roll around and rotate also give your cat a chance to chase something that is already moving. No matter what sort of toy you're hoping to find for your kitty, you'll be able to do so right here on our site.