Cat Treat Toys

For the most part, cats are known for being pretty happy being by themselves. More independent than dogs tend to be, cats can be happy playing with themselves or hiding away in a cozy corner of the house until they are ready for attention or for playing with their parents. One of the best ways to ensure that your cat is well entertained and not exhibiting destructive behaviors when spending time alone is to give them interactive toys that will capture their attention and hold onto it. Treat dispensing toys are toys that are sure to capture a cat's attention and not let go, at least until the treats run out. With these toys, cats have to focus on getting the treats out of the toys, an act that will keep them busy for a long time and will have them always playing with it because of its reward-based playstyle. There are a number of different ways to give your cats these sorts of toys. Choose simple treat toys that require a lot of chewing for them to get pieces of the treat off if your cat prefers that, or you can choose other options. Such options include toys that they have to roll around or press levers on to get the treats to come out of the little holes. No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that your kitty will be satisfied with the independent play time that the affordable toys on our site can provide.

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