Cat Scratchers

When cats are small and just getting used to their claws, it feels nice for them to sink them into something to stretch them out and put pressure on them in a behavior that is often referred to as kneading. Even as they grow older, having a place to dig their claws into helps cats relax both physically and mentally. It's an activity that affords them a feeling of comfort and peace. Unfortunately, without the right places to knead their claws and scratch around, they often start scratching up your furniture, which can leave unsightly marks. By giving them squeezing and scratching toys and posts, they can exercise their need for scratching without hurting your furniture. There are many different ways that they can do this, thanks to the variety of different toys and scratching posts that are available on our site alone. The toys we offer are designed to encourage your cat to use the scratching boards over the other furniture in your house, thanks to their interactive nature. With these posts, cats can be engaged with different components that attract their attention and keep them playing. These toys include balls that your cat can bat around inside of the scratching post or mice with tails that move around on the board to keep their paws attached. Find these and more at a reasonable price by shopping on site.

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