Cat Chasers & Teasers

For the most part, cats are well known for being sleepy, lazy little balls of fur that prefer to lay on the windowsill enjoying a cat nap rather than running and playing. Having the right toys to engage your kitty with can help get them off of the floor and into action, allowing the cat and the “parent” to be fully entertained. There are many different cat toy styles on the market, each designed to appeal to different kinds of cats, but there is one type of toy that is all but guaranteed to get your kitty excited to play: toys that engage their hunting instinct. Cats love to chase, hunt and bat at ‘’prey,’’ whether that means actual mice, fish, and bugs or artificial prey that stimulates their instincts the same way. The Cat Chasers and Teaser toys found here are all designed in different ways to keep your cat entertained and busy by giving them something to chase or something to bat their little paws at. These include a wide variety of laser pointers that you can move around yourself or even little laser balls that move on their own for your cat to chase like a mouse. Ring toys are also available, letting them move the balls and other toys around a track, rolling it back and forth in a way that can entertain them for hours. All of these styles of toys and more can be found here at affordable, reasonable prices.

Powerful LED Laser Pointer Pen Toys

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Wand Stick Kitten Play Interactive Toys

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Feather Spring Kitten Cat Toy

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