Cat Catnip Toys

Catnip is a naturally occurring herb that many years ago was discovered felines enjoy interacting with. It is no secret how much cats love catnip. This herb has been something that has captured the attention of kitties young and old for centuries, and as funny as it is for them to interact with the herb, it is even more entertaining for their owners to watch them play with it. With this selection of catnip toys, your kitty can enjoy endless entertainment to distract them from exhibiting destructive behaviors, including sharpening their claws on the furniture in your home. The catnip toys found here come in a large variety of options for you to choose from, each designed to appeal to different styles that cats display when they play. Choose from standard catnip treats for them to chew on or teething toys to help them when they are kittens. From balls that they can bat around and scratch at to fish toys that will be fun for them to snuggle with to plush mice and wiggly fish that engage their natural hunting instincts, there are plenty of toys to be found here. Browse our selection of catnip toys and find the one that best suits your kitty's personality and play style. All of the options here are made available at affordable prices to ensure that there is no shortage of fun cat toys for your furry friend to enjoy.