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Motor Cat Toys Vs. Realistic Cat Toys

We all know that our furry friends like to play. As a cat owner, you might have noticed that your much-loved pet likes to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle, but every cat is susceptible to temptation. Cats are known to sleep for 12-16 hours per day and many embrace the mantra ‘eat, wee, sleep, repeat,’ but most are up for a game from time to time. Playing is essential for maintaining good health, creating strong bonds, and getting your sofa companion moving, and there’s no better way to entice your buddy off your bed by investing in toys. If you’re keen to ensure that playing is part and parcel of your cat’s daily routine, you may be on the lookout for new toys, but which toys are available, and which are most likely to take their fancy? Here, we’ll take a look at some popular choices for cat owners and discuss the benefits of motor cat toys and realistic cat toys.

Motor cat toys

Motor cat toys are designed to get your cat moving, stimulate their senses, and encourage them to have a good old run around the house. The idea is that the toy will move around the room, hopefully, prompting your cat to chase after it. There are several different types of motor cat toy available, including interactive, remote control toys, such as mice. If you have a mobile toy, this will encourage your cat to run further, and also be more aggressive and assertive.

Hunting down a mouse mimics natural behavior in the outside world, and cats tend to enjoy embodying this role, even if they’re only willing to play for a few minutes before retreating to their bed. Remote control mice are a great option for cats that like to play, as well as those who are slightly more reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of the couch. The movement of a tiny mouse can pique the interest and trigger an itch that has to be scratched. We all know that cats chase mice, and it won’t take long for your feline friend to engage in a skit worthy of a classic Tom and Jerry sequence once you fire up the mouse and set it on its way.

Another popular option in the motor cat toys category is the weasel rolling motor ball for cats. Featuring a plush weasel toy attached to a moving ball, this toy is guaranteed to catch your cat’s eye. Cats will enjoy chasing down and following the ball, which will roll over almost any surface, and they can also use the weasel as prey or as a comforter. Some cats like to cuddle up with teddies and soft toys, and you may find that your new weasel becomes a frequent traveler in the home, as your cat picks it up and carries it around in its mouth.

Realistic cat toys

We’ve all been there. You walk into the living room, your eyes still filled with sleep and jump out of your skin because there’s a mouse on the floor. Thankfully, once you’ve woken up a little and you’re slightly more alert, you’ll come to realize that the mouse is merely a toy. Realistic cat toys can be a rather daunting prospect for sleep-deprived humans, but your cats will love them!

When it comes to choosing realistic toys for your cat, there are two main types on offer. The first is the one we’re all familiar with. The toy mice and rats that look slightly too realistic for their own good. You can choose from motorized mice that will scuttle across the floor for a period of a few seconds, or remote control mice that you can move here, there, and everywhere. If you’re keen to really get your cat’s heart pumping, the remote control products are great, as you can change course and direction, making your cat work harder. If your pet loves to play, and they have bags of energy, this could be the ideal choice for you. If you’ve already got an impressive array of mouse toys, our electronic cockroach toy is an excellent alternative. No cat can resist a bug scurrying across the kitchen floor. 

Cat with hanging toy mouse

The other category that is often a winner in the realistic toys class is the wand toy. Wand toys come in all shapes and sizes, and you can buy toys that are fitted with realistic worms, weasels, mice, and fish. These toys are versatile, as they enable your cat to practice jumping, leaping and pawing their prey out of the air, as well as giving them something to chase, hunt, and catch.

Which toys are best for my cat?

Some cats are a lot more playful than others, but you’ll almost always find that your cat is eager to play with some kind of toy. Like humans, cats have preferences, and if you have two cats, you may find that one takes to a completely different type of toy to another. Motor toys can provide hours of fun for one feline, while another may enjoy realistic toys more. The key often lies in trial and error. Have fun with your cat, try out different kinds of toys, and see how they respond. If your cat is really energetic, and they’re prone to mad half hours when they run and jump as if they’re starring in their own episode of Ninja Warrior, you might find that they’re keen to play with any toy going, but they’re bound to have a favorite. Motor toys are brilliant for both inactive and active cats, as they encourage movement and increase speed and agility, but some cats can’t resist the thrill of a chase that realistic toys offer.

If you’re looking for new toys to tempt your cat off the couch and provide them with endless hours of fun and frolics, why not take a look at our extensive collection of motor and realistic cat toys? From plush mice, balls, and feathers to remote controlled mice and electronic cockroaches, we’ve got everything your cat could possibly wish for!

Cat looking at ball inside tunnel toy

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