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Keeping Cats Happy While They’re Home Alone

A lot of people view cats as independent animals. They will handle their cleaning, will often appear to want time to themselves, and can disappear for long stretches when you leave them outside. Despite all of this, though, cats are incredibly social animals, and they will have a lot of energy which they can’t get rid of on their own. How exactly can you solve the problem of a lonely or bored cat? To give you a helping paw, this post will be exploring some of the best toys to keep your cat happy when they’re home alone.

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How To Choose The Best Toys For Cats Home Alone?

Before looking at examples of the toys you have available, it’s a good idea to think about why you might want to choose one toy over another. There are loads of cat toys out there which your mog won’t be able to use on their own. Instead, they will need a human servant to operate them, setting you back to square one. Thankfully, there are also plenty out there which are designed for the animal to use by themselves. These are the options you should be focusing on, as they will be best suited to a cat who is living without much company.

Along with having something which they can use on their own, it’s also worth thinking about what your cat might find challenging. When an animal like this is left to their own devices for hours on end, they will often get bored with the toys they have available, and turn to more destructive forms of entertainment. It’s not uncommon to come back to a big mess when you don’t give your mog the attention they deserve. This makes it all the luckier than most mogs are happy to look after themselves.

Scratching Posts

When a cat loves to scratch the furniture and carpets around your home, it can often feel impossible to keep their behavior under control. You can stop them from performing their destructive deeds when you’re at home, but won’t have any power when the cat is home alone, making it crucial that you provide them with something to sink their claws into which won’t leave you feeling upset. Scratching posts are an excellent choice for this, as they are very low-cost and look good in most homes.

These products come in a vast range of different shapes and sizes. Some will come as huge towers, taking up a large portion of a room. Others, though, will be far smaller, only taking up a small area on the floor. The type of scratcher you choose should depend on the space you have for it. The more prominent towers on the market are usually more fun than the mini ones you’ll find, but you can make up for this with more toys if you’re running out of space for it all.

Rolling Toys

Up close, cats don’t have very good vision at all. Instead of seeing a clear image, anything too close to their face will appear as a blur, forcing these animals to be very sensitive to movement. To take advantage of this, a lot of companies have come out with cat toys which provide them with the erratic and swift action which gets their hunter-instincts primed and ready. The best examples of these are rollers, and they can be found in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Most examples will have a rolling ball on one end and a feather or felt toy on the other. When you turn it one, the ball will begin to roll, randomly changing directions to keep the game entertaining. Unlike other examples of automated cat toys, a roller won’t get stuck in corners or at the bottom of the stairs, as it will change its direction frequently enough to avoid the obstacles entirely. It’s always worth reading some reviews before choosing electronic cat toys.

Mazes & Puzzles

It can often seem like your cat has a very short attention span. When you play with them, they will quickly seem to lose interest unless you vary the game a little bit. In reality, though, cats are far better at focusing on something than humans, and will even ignore dangers around them when something catches their attention well enough. Mazes and puzzles for cats have only been around for a few years, but have taken the pet product market by storm, with loads of happy cats having the chance to try them out.

There are plenty of different options for this when you browse around the web. Some will involve simple games, like batting a ball around a small circuit. Others, though, will be a little more complicated, giving your cat something to think about. You should always consider your cat’s intelligence before buying something like this, as something too hard for them will make them feel stressed and frustrated.

Treat Toys

It’s rare to find a cat who doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat now and then. With their incredible sense of smell, a little bit of food can go a long way when you’re working on getting them interested in something. Treat toys are similar to ordinary balls but will be filled with treats and have a counterweight to stop them from falling over. As your cat plays with it, treats will fall out, giving them something which is more than simple play from their toys.

Good Old Catnip

Most cat owners will be aware of the effects catnip can have on their mog. Making your cat affectionate, playful, and far more energetic than usual, this substance can be the perfect secret weapon when your cat is home alone. There are loads of different catnip toys available across the web, and most of them come in the form of a small plushie. You can also buy fresh catnip to add to your toys, though this will usually create a bit of a mess around the house.


No one likes the idea of their cat being bored or lonely, but this can often be hard to prevent when you spend a lot of time outside the house. While they don’t need walks, cats will still need entertainment, and a few good toys can often be the best way to provide it to them.

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