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How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active

The indoor cat is usually associated with a pretty charmed lifestyle. They’ll be sitting there, on a fluffy cushion, getting stroked, and all-around living a life of which we are all a little envious. However, it’s important to note that while this might seem like an enjoyable existence, it’s not going to do all that good for your little feline friend. Like humans, cats need to up and active if they’re going to be at their brilliant best. But if you have an indoor cat, ensuring that they’re kept active can seem a little difficult. Below, we take a look at some useful tips that’ll ensure your cat can use up their energy.

A cat lying upside down

Why is it important to keep your cat active?

You’ll be more inclined to take the steps needed to make your cat live a more active lifestyle if you know why it’s good for them. There are two main reasons why they need to get their fill of movement: their health, and their animal instincts. Like all other creatures, the more they use their body, the better condition it’ll be in. It’ll prevent them from becoming overweight and all the associated medical conditions. It’s also a way to keep them happy. Cats have instincts that they need to use. If they can’t hunt in the wild, they can at least have a manufactured hunting experience in your home. While it’s less obviously important than the first two, there is another benefit to keeping your indoor cat active: it helps with the bonding process.

Top 6 ways to keep your cat active

Get Playing

If you’re going to drag your cat out of their life of leisure, then you may as well make it enjoyable for them. If you’ve ever seen all of those funny online cat videos, you’ll know that cats love to play. If you have the best toys for active cats in your home, then you’ll be able to play for hours on end with your lovable kitty. In the process of running around, they’ll be helping to keep their heart and body healthy, just like we do when we go jogging. Plus, it should also be said that the best cat activity toys won’t just be fun for your cat -- you’ll also get plenty of enjoyment just from watching them. It turns out that cats can be pretty goofy when they’re trying to hunt a mouse toy.

A kitten playing with its toys

On the hunt for food

If you keep on placing the cat food in the same old spot, day in, day out, then eventually your pet will figure out a pretty relaxed lifestyle that suits them just fine, but which isn’t all that good for their body. Instead, why not look at mixing things up, and place the bowl in other areas of the home? One day it might be at the top of the stairs, another it might be in a far corner of the property, at others it might just be in the usual spot. This will keep them on their toes, make them do a little activity before eating, and help to keep their mind sharp. It’s not just at meal time where you can do things like this, either. Invest in some treat toys, which dispense a little treat when playing. It’ll be the encouragement they need to get up off the sofa and get playing.

Inside cat trails

If your cat were in the wild, they’d naturally be off exploring. It’s what they were made to do! When they live inside a property, there’s not all that much they can do by way of adventuring. The journey from the living room to the kitchen just isn’t that exciting! So why not make things a little more adventurous for them? You can get them a cat tunnel, for example. No matter how big or small it is, you’ll be giving them a place where they can unleash their explorative side. In addition, you can also look at setting up a little inside cat trail for your pet, something like a climbing course for little creatures. They’ll be able to climb, jump, and all-around be their active best, right on your property.

Two kittens playing

Get another pet

If you’ve got brothers and sisters, then you’ll remember being young and playing with them for hours on end. You could have been sitting there, perfectly content just watching the world go by, but then, when your brother or sister entered the room, found yourself playing. Fun, right! The same can be said for your cat. They might just sit there themselves at the minute, but what if you added another cat into the equation? They’d naturally find themselves something fun to do.

Get the best cat toys for active cats

If you want your cat to be as active as they can be, then don’t rely on any old toys to do the job. Instead, you’ll want to get them the best cat toys. They’ll make a big difference when it comes to how long the cat plays - and is thus more active - for. There are plenty of fun options for your little feline. You could get them a simulation fish shape chew bite toy -- they’ll be able to pretend like they’re hunting out their own meals (don’t break their heart by telling them the truth...). You could also look at getting a remote controlled mouse toy. You’ll be in charge of where the mouse is moving, but your cat won’t know that -- all they’ll see if a rodent who needs to be tracked down.

Go For a Walk

Finally, your cat might be designed for the indoors, but that doesn’t mean that they’re allergic to the outdoors. They can go and get a taste of the active lifestyle! But just not on their own. Instead, you’ll need to get a leash and give your cat some training. Some cats never take fully to life on a lead, but some do. If yours is one of them, you’ll be able to take them on a short stroll.

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