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10 Tips For New Cat Owners

Getting your hands on a furry friend for the first time is always an exciting process. Not only will you get to enjoy the presence of a cute little critter, but you’ll also get to go on the journey of building a relationship with them, having been there from the earliest days of their lives. Of course, though, alongside the joy, you will also have a lot of work to do. Living with a cat isn’t always easy, but this article is here to help you out.

Prepare Your Home

Before welcoming any animal into your home, it makes sense to do a little bit of prep work to make sure that nothing will go wrong. Kittens can get into tiny spaces, often leaving their owners frantic when they can’t find them, despite having the chance to resolve this issue before they arrive. Holes, gaps, and cracks need to be covered and protected from your furry friend. Along with this, though, it will also be worth looking for other dangerous spots around your home.

Build A Nest

While you plan to be kind to your new kitten, they won’t trust you when you first meet, and this can leave a lot of cats feeling scared when they get to a new home. Having a comfortable nest to hide in can be an excellent way to overcome this issue. Not only will they have somewhere to run when they get spooked, but this will also make it easier to keep an eye on them. There are loads of guides around the web which can help with this.

Prepare Your Family

Few pets go better with kids than a cat, with these animals often enjoying the company which younger humans can provide. Of course, though, they are still living things, and this means that they will only tolerate so much, making it crucial that your family is prepared before the cat arrives. Kids and adults alike should be briefed to make sure that they know how to handle the cat, act around them, and when they will need to be fed each day.

Find Things To Do

Despite their small size, kittens can pack a severe amount of energy, albeit in short bursts. This makes having plenty of entertainment lined up essential for new cat owners, or you may find that they use their power for evil, rather than fun. A range of toys will help with this, though a lot of cats are happy with simple items, like string and paper balls, making it very easy to find entertainment for your new mog.

Invest In Their Food

Much like a human child, a cat’s development will be influenced by the food they eat when they are young. A lot of pet owners ignore this and will feed their animals the cheapest food they can find, even if it doesn’t give them what they need. There are plenty of brands on the market which can cater to a growing cat's needs. It can be worth reading some reviews to help you to make this choice, as you will often only tell how good an option is after you’ve tried it.

Prepare For Destruction

While playing with your new kitten will limit the damage they will do to your home; it’s a good idea to let go of some of the sentiment you hold for your belongings. Your cat will almost certainly have an accident or two before they learn to use their litter tray properly, even if they have been trained. Likewise, a lot of mogs will also destroy things when they get bored. You won’t be able to be home all the time, and this means that some level of destruction is very likely.

A Trip To The Vet

Going to see the vet can be a traumatic time for a kitten, especially when they’re still getting used to their new home. In reality, though, it’s essential that you take your cat to a professional like this before they are six months old. This will give you the chance to have them vaccinated, while also planning for their neutering or castration down the line, making it far easier to keep the ball rolling on their regular check-ups.

Poking & Prodding

Some cats are very calm, while others are incredibly aggressive, and a lot of people will blame these traits on the animal’s personality. While it is undoubtedly true that some cats are more likely to be violent than others, the way that you treat them will also greatly influence this side of their life. By poking and prodding them from an early age, you will get them used to being handled by humans, resulting in a mog which will be far easier to live with. Being in an environment with a lot of arguing can also harm the mood of your cat.

Vary Your Play

A lot of people view cats as being fairly stupid, thanks to their silly behavior and small brains. In reality, though, these animals are smart in their ways, and memory is one of the strongest suits. This means that having the same type of play all the time will make them feel bored. When a cat is bored, they are far more likely to cause trouble and can become quite the handful to look after.

Spend Time With Them

As the most critical part of all of this, you need to spend time with your kitten. They won’t be a baby forever, and will often grow up far faster than their owners expect, giving you a minimal window to build a strong relationship with them. It might seem excessive, but playing with a young cat for more than an hour a day is essential, and this is before you consider the time you spend being affectionate towards them.

Adopting a kitten is always an exciting process, and most people will enjoy the many stages which come with it. You will have to work hard to make the most of it, though, and this is something which a lot of people fail to consider. Like any animal, a cat will give back the love and attention you shower onto them.

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