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10 Signs Your Cat Loves You

There comes the point in every cat owners life when they begin to wonder, is my cat with me only because I give him or her food, or is there some deeper attraction going on here? Do they like me? Do they love me? It’s an understandable question -- you love them to bits, you’d like the affection to be returned.

How do you know your cat loves you?

Until humans somehow figure out a way to communicate with cats using language (any day now…), we’re never going to know for certain what’s happening in their mind, or their heart. But thankfully, language is only one tool we have for communicating. There are plenty of other ways that cats -- and humans -- show their affection.

10 signs your cat loves you

So how do cats express themselves? What are the telltale signs that can tell you just how much you mean to them? We take a look at ten signs below. If you see your cat doing any of them, you might just have a case of love on your hands.

Bringing Presents

If you want to show your loved one how much you mean to them, you head to the store and get them a present. Cats do something similar. When they want to impress, they’ll go outdoors, hunt down a mouse or a bird, and gift it to you. Just what you always wanted, right! OK, it might go straight into the bin, but it’s the thought that counts.

Rubbing Heads

Have you ever loved something so much that you wanted to get as close as possible to it? If you ever experience your cat rubbing their head against yours, then that’s a good sign that they love you. The loving aspect of this act just makes it all the more enjoyable; we’d have settled for this being a way for cats to scratch their heads. It means that they love us. Aw.

Slow Eye Movements

You might long for the day when your cat finally expresses their feelings and says “I love you.” But really, the enjoyment of this moment might be dampened somewhat -- a talking cat?! This nice moment has just become a problem. Thankfully, you don’t need to wait for this to be communicated verbally. Cats have another way of saying I love you: they stare and slowly close their eyes. Do it back; they’ll get the meaning!

Rolling Over

It’s worth keeping in mind that while your cat may be domesticated, there are still those natural impulses and reactions going on inside, just as there is in humans. If your cat feels comfortable with rolling over and showing their belly, then that’s a great sign. That’s the most vulnerable position that they can be in. If they’re doing it in front of you, that means they feel relaxed enough around you that they can drop their guard down.

Hanging Out

Don’t you want to be around the people you love? Sure you do. Your cat is the same! If they’re coming to sit by “just because,” then that’s a good sign that they’ve got positive feelings for you. No-one’s going to spend time around people they don’t like; it’s the same deal with cats.

Similarly, you might find that they’re following you around. In the human world, this would be akin to stalking. In the cat world, it just means they want to be near you, always. Don’t call the cops on them.

Getting Playful

A child who bites should be told off. A cat who bites should be embraced. If we want to talk about the differences between humans and cats, there it is! A cat who nips at you isn’t trying to hurt you, and they’re not telling you off because you’ve been feeding them the same food for years on end. They’re just showing that they care; it’s one of the ways that cats express their emotions. To each their own…

Rubbing Against You

There’s an element of possessiveness when it comes to love. We want to let the world know that they are ours and that we’re theirs. Your cat does the same thing (see even how we talk about pets, we say “my cat,” we’re possessive!). When they want to let the world know that you belong to them, they’ll rub up against you, leaving their scent on you in the process.

Deeply Content

What is love? OK, we’re not going to try and answer that question -- it’s not all that easy, you know. We will say that love involves an element of being content. Your cat shows how happy they are by purring. If they’re sitting near to you and you hear that familiar purring sound, then they’ve clearly got good feelings when you’re nearby.

Welcome Home

How nice is it to be welcomed home after a long day of work, by anyone or anything? All too often, there’s no-one there. And it makes sense -- it takes effort! If your cat is always on the inside of your door when you arrive home, it means they’ve been looking forward to your arrival, and wanted you to know it.

Kneading Your Body

If you love someone, you want them to feel good. But of course, we only know what makes us feel good, not someone else, at least not until we have that information. You cat never gets that info! So they’ll do what makes them happy -- which is getting a massage. If they’re kneading your body, they want you to feel good.

How to show back your love?

Hopefully, you’ve now figured out what your cat loves you. Isn’t that warm, fuzzy feeling lovely? It sure is. Now, you have to make sure that your cat has the same feeling. You can show your feline friend just how much you love them by giving them special attention, which means giving them lots of physical affection, playing games with them, and all-around ensuring that they feel comfortable and have everything they need. Make it impossible for them to doubt your feelings!

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